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Can I use E10 fuel in my car?

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Why Use Super E10?

It is vital to reduce the pace and scope of reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector. The world of politics acknowledged this in 2021 and adopted a higher greenhouse gas reduction quota than had been envisaged a few years earlier. Deploying suitable non-fossil fuels plays a decisive role in this context. The aim is to ensure as much defossilisation as possible for vehicles on our roads and significantly cut their CO2 emissions.

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What is Super E10?

Super E10 is the term used for petrol that contains at most 10 percent bioethanol by volume in addition to fossil petrol. Bioethanol is alcohol obtained primarily from plant-based feedstocks. Since its introduction in Europe in 2011, Super E10 petrol has become available in a growing number of European countries.

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